Medical Dressings

Non Sterile Colored Absorbent Cotton Ball

Medical Absorbent Zigzag Cotton Wool

Sterile Absorbent Cotton Ball

Medical Non-woven Triangular Bandage Size (woven also available)

Surgical Absorbent Cotton Roll Wool 500g

Non Sterile Cotton Laparotomy Sponge Lap Sponge

Non-sterile Cotton Gauze Ball (sterile also available)

Precut Gauze Bandage Roll

Sterile Gauze Swab (non-sterile also available)

Paraffin Gauze Swab


Elastic Crepe Bandage Size

Plaster Of Paris Bandage

Orthopedic Casting Tape

Orthopaedic Padding

Surgical Tapes & Plasters

Microporous Paper Tape

Permeable Zinc Oxide Plaster

Surgical Sport Tape

Surgical First Aid Bandage

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